Statute and Documents


The Statute explains who we are in formal terms! Surf & Sea Days is an ASD - Amateur Sports Association affiliated to CSEN - National Educational Sports Center that collaborates with CONI and the Sports Federations, with the School, with the Regions and Local Authorities, with social and political forces and with free associations of other countries.

We particularly care about the vision of our Statute which you can simply download in this section.

You will find all the information related to our legal and associative form!


As you have just read from the Statute, all our activities are reserved exclusively for members! We are promoters of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, where sport (for everyone) is the main glue. Our goal is to create a local network and a group. If you embrace our philosophy in perfect surfing style, all you need to do is download the membership form and request to join!


Below you will find all updated and useful documents for your associative life!

We will periodically update the files based on the convocations and meetings that we will promptly notify you by email. Keep up to date!


As you know by now, every business that offers services is rightly obliged by law to obtain documentation on its customers or associates in advance to avoid, in case of failure to communicate by the customer himself, any feverish or suspicious states prior to contact with the activity or the institution, any inconvenience to the association itself and those who gravitate around it including the customer himself.

We therefore attach the form that you can download, fill in and deliver to us at the first meeting.

The compilation and delivery will be considered mandatory in order to confirm the experience.


Let's face it: the card is equivalent to insurance! Below you will find the PDF of the extract of the Insurance Policy that you can read calmly, and the link of the CSEN site where everything is explained in the best possible way!

Here the link: