This is our story

S&SD is a project born from the passion of two young people for the SEA , SPORT , LAND , LOCAL CULTURE and TRAVEL . Passion that leads them to move from the city right between the land and the sea: a small village in the Dianese hinterland in the province of Imperia in western Liguria, home of the production of oil, wine, aromatic plants and flowers a few kilometers from the sea.

S&SD is an idea that aims first of all to create a network between existing local realities , still too disconnected and not very communicative today, offering different travel experiences with a short duration between water sports, land sports, walks, body and mind relax, sustainability, tastings and dinners. All this was also born to deal with the global pandemic situation that exploded right in the middle of their project.

With their decades of knowledge in the field of organizing events , social projects, music, graphics and web communication, they aim to enhance the territory and give to community a spirit of collaboration, especially in a historical moment like this. Creating a new communication window enhancing what the territory already offers will be the great challenge.


THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY is our leitmotiv and urges us to take into consideration the health of the whole planet and take action in communities and cities.

We give space to the little ones who make this country great.

S&SD takes shape as an Amateur Sports Association affiliated with CSEN whose goal is, as anticipated, to create a local network and promote a healthy lifestyle within everyone's reach, regardless of gender or age. Our Statute, which you will find in the special section "Statute and useful documents", in fact speaks of who we are in its entirety and formality.

Our GOAL is, as anticipated, to network and create a community with which to share the same values ​​and lifestyle, proposing and promoting a range of emotional, particular and socially useful sports activities.

Slowly we are growing more and more and this makes us extremely proud! We want the association to belong to everyone, to be a diversion and an incentive to socialize!

This (below) is our card and the only real way to be part of the community, to have security and to join a big family. What are you waiting for to join? It costs less than a coffee a month and is valid throughout the national territory! And also in Europe :)

The association
The founding members
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